First off, what is Windows Virtual Desktops (WVDs)?

WVD is a new service from Microsoft which entitles users of particular Microsoft 365 subscriptions and Microsoft licensing to use virtual Windows 10 machines in Microsoft Azure (Public Cloud). It is considered a branch into Cloud computing and should be considered if you want to explore the advantages of using the Cloud and VDI. Windows 10 Multi-session is exclusive to this service and enables you to make use of the full compatibility of Windows 10 with business applications whilst making the most of your resources by allowing multiple users sessions to connect to one instance, much like what we would do with Windows Server 2019 RDSH.

If Microsoft are offering this service as part of existing 365 subscriptions, why do I even need to consider Citrix?

WVD provides you with the entitlement of running a Windows 10 desktop in Microsoft Azure without paying for a license or RDS CAL (the licenses are bundled in the 365 subscription), this does not include the running costs of the VM Instance or the management infrastructure to enable users to securely connect to their Virtual Machines.

With Citrix Cloud you can reduce the management overhead of WVD, by simply connecting this as a resource to Citrix Cloud. All the management infrastructure is then managed by Citrix Cloud and you are presented with a web version of Citrix Studio. From here you are able to streamline the deployment and lifecycle of Windows Virtual Desktops in your organisation. With auto-scaling options within the Citrix Cloud delivery groups you are able to manage the uptime of the Virtual Desktops to fit your budget and automatically scale your instances up and down based on usage, saving you money when the instances are not in-use.

Performance optimisations such as Citrix HDX and Citrix Workspace Environment Management will enable the virtual machines to work efficiently and improve user density. With Citrix’s HDX optimisations you can use the most demanding conference applications such as Microsoft Teams through a secure cloud desktop.

Start a trial today

As a Citrix Cloud Service Provider we offer free trials to customers to try the Citrix Cloud service. If you meet the eligibility requirements for Windows Virtual Desktop, this service will be available to you immediately via Microsoft Azure. If you require assistance with this, Spectrum IT are experienced Cloud Consultants and can ensure that you have both the correct licensing and an Azure account available. If there are issues with Microsoft 365 licenses, we are also a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider and we will be able to supply and support required licenses.

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