Citrix Cloud & WVD remove the responsibility of managing the infrastructure for remote working / secure desktops, freeing up your time to focus on improving the user experience and other IT Projects.

We are proudly a Citrix Cloud Service Provider. We offer good value pricing on Citrix licensing for Citrix Cloud deployments as well as fair pricing for supported on-premise Citrix environments.

Utilising your organisation’s Secure Desktop will ensure that less sensitive information is saved to the endpoints themselves, meaning that if the endpoint is ever lost or breached that there is a much lower risk of customer data being lost. All Secure Desktops connections are established over a secure SSL/TLS tunnel which prevents prying eyes from being able to record any activities on untrusted networks.

Citrix Cloud enables you to offload the responsibility of managing the infrastructure of the Citrix service, much like with Microsoft 365 and Exchange. There are no more SQL Servers and Databases to license and support. The Citrix Cloud service also has built in High Availability which provides you better reliability at a lower cost than implementing legacy Citrix Virtual Desktops & Apps on-premise. Citrix Cloud is flexible that this can be used with multiple hosting options. You require for all user data to remain within the ownership of your organisation, to which you may use your existing Hypervisor environment to host the Citrix Desktops and leverage the Citrix Cloud Infrastructure, allowing you to focus on supporting and improving the user experience rather than ensuring that the service remains updated and operational. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Public Cloud hosted resources such as Windows Virtual Desktops (WVDs/ Microsoft 365) or Microsoft Azure / Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances to deliver desktops and applications to your users without relying on your in-house IT infrastructure.

Reduce your existing VDI costs by utilising the free Windows Virtual Desktop service as part of your existing Microsoft 365 subscription (Business Premium, Enterprise E3/E5 subscriptions); no additional RDS CALs required. You are only required to pay for the Azure Virtual Machine usage, which can be further reduced by having these automatically turn off outside of business hours. Windows 10 Multi-Session OS is exclusive to the WVD Service allowing you to further reduce Public Cloud hosting costs by enabling multiple users to share a virtual machine.

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