Alert: (CVE-2021-26855) Microsoft Exchange servers compromised

What is going on? Microsoft and Cyber Security agencies have discovered that security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange are being actively exploited across the UK and rest of the world by the Chinese-backed hacking organisation HAFNIUM. Microsoft admit that this has been discovered quite late and Cyber Security agencies are warning that thousands of organisations may […]

PSTN (legacy phone line) switch-off 2025

Don’t get caught out by the PSTN (legacy phone lines) switch-off in 2025 As of 2025, legacy telephone lines (PSTN) will be terminated across the UK and from 2020 these are no longer purchasable. If you do not have a VoIP phone system before this date, your phone will cease operating. 40% of Small-Medium businesses […]

Cloud solutions for small businesses

The IT lifecycle revolution Historically, small businesses would have to fork out significant capital to purchase new hardware to replace their slow, outdated hardware.  As technology progressed, virtual servers meant that hardware could be utilised more effectively and for longer.  Cloud offerings from Amazon, Google and Microsoft allow you to potentially eliminate expensive CAPEX costs. […]

Why should you consider using Citrix Cloud with Windows Virtual Desktops (WVDs)?

First off, what is Windows Virtual Desktops (WVDs)? WVD is a new service from Microsoft which entitles users of particular Microsoft 365 subscriptions and Microsoft licensing to use virtual Windows 10 machines in Microsoft Azure (Public Cloud). It is considered a branch into Cloud computing and should be considered if you want to explore the […]

Why Citrix Cloud is the next generation VDI solution

Citrix have long been witnessing the success of Microsoft 365 and working out how they can replicate that success with their products. Citrix have been long-standing partners of Microsoft and have always worked to enhance Microsoft products. Whether that is by building on Microsoft RDS technology to deliver VDI and Shared Desktops to organisations or […]