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Big Switch Off

Be prepared for the Big Switch Off. Get in touch with us today to ensure that your critical services are not cut off when the BT Public Telephone Switching Network (PSTN) is switched off next year.

What is the BIG Switch Off?

In 2017, due to increasing demand of internet services in the UK, it was announced that the country would transition to a fully digital communications network by the end of 2025. Replacing the outdated Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) which has been in service for over a century with modern digital networks which provide more capacity, higher speeds and a wide range of flexible features and benefits to customers.

What do you need to consider?

Cloud IP Phone System (VoIP)

Your telephone system is the obvious service that will be affected by the changes to the phone line infrastructure. For your organisation to continue making and receiving calls you need to implement a digital/IP phone system, also know as VoIP to facilitate your phone calls over the internet.

Switch-off Ready Broadband

Originally, internet services utilised BT phone line technologies to establish links to internet services and this is still true the majority of Fibre broadband connections in the UK that utilise a mix of fibre and copper (FTTC). If you're using ADSL or FTTC Broadband you must switch to SoGEA broadband to remove the reliance on the legacy phone infrastructure.

Alarm Systems

Most alarm systems in the UK utilise a phone line to contact the security company. If you're using one of these alarm systems, you will need to migrate an internet based solution to avoid disruption to your security service.

S.O.S. button in Elevators

If your organisation uses elevators, you will have them connected to a phone line to provide S.O.S. emergency services in the event of a lift failure. This will also need to be switched to VoIP based communication to continue working.

What Happens If We Don't Go Digital?

If you do not switch to digital IP services for your organisation, they will simply stop functioning. If your business relies on an analogue phone line, that will stop receiving calls and you will be unable to make calls. If your internet service is not using SoGEA or FTTP, it will stop working and you will not be able to use the internet. That’s why it is so important to digitalise your services before the Big Switch Off.

How Can We Help?

Our experts will ensure that your organisation is not impacted by the Big Switch Off. We have a wide array of products & services to prepare organisations of all sizes and all budgets. You may click on our list of BSO services below for more information or get in touch with our friendly team of experts!

Cloud IP Phone Systems (VoIP)

Fibre Broadband Services (BSO Ready)

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