future proof your telecoms

Cloud IP Phone System

Our solutions utilise the power of the cloud to deliver low-cost, highly-available and flexible calling for Education. We work closely with schools to design a solution that meets your needs and deliver our signature support.


High Quality Phone Calls

VoIP calls support more information to be transmitted over a call, enabling significantly better clarity when paired with our included IP "HD Voice" phones. Allowing one to communicate with callers much clearly.

Simple, cost effective billing

No additional maintenance fees, no phone charges to UK local, national and mobile numbers (01, 02, 03, 07). Just one subscription fee per phone/user.

Get rid of that Busy tone

We'll help your school provide a better calling experience for parents and partners by applying a Call Queue to the main line. Allowing multiple calls to be accepted and held in a queue until they can be answered.

call Conferencing

Advanced features are included in the VoIP solution including Call Conferencing, enabling multiple phone users to join/host a call conference through their phones. Additional features include call recording, voicemail, group calling, call holding + parking, and more.

Can't get to the Phone?

With helpful features such as Voicemail to Email and optional mobile phone applications, we can help your organisation reduce missed messages and important calls.

IP Phones included

Our Voice packages include new IP Phones, enabling your organisation to update its fleet of phones with the latest IP voice technology and reduce tech faults.

Interested in unifying your voice into one solution?

Unified Communications (UC) enables organisations to unite their phone solution with additional VoIP meeting + collaboration services such as Microsoft Teams, allowing staff to enhance their voice communications with Microsoft 365 collaboration features.

Don't have fast Fibre broadband?

Our IP Phones rely on your school’s broadband connections to facilitate communication, however if we determine that you do not have broadband with enough bandwidth (capacity) we may recommend that the school considers an “assured voice line”, which will only be for voice communication. Alternatively, we can supply a secondary line that can be used primarily for voice but can also be used as a failover internet line for the school.

Prefer to talk to us?

You can schedule a meeting with us below, call us (on 01684 215 165) or use the Live Chat service in the bottom-left corner of the website.