Don't Worry, there's a backup

Backup & DR

Our flexible backup solution powered by RedStor, offers complete data protection of your data across multiple platforms including Cloud-native environments and on-premise infrastructure. In addition, our consultants will work with you to plan your IT Continuity actions.


Cloud Backup

It is vital not to forget to back up your data stored across new data sources such as Cloud + SaaS platforms such as Microsoft 365 + Google Workspaces. Manage & Protect your Shared data, Emails + MS Teams / Google Classroms.

Infrastructure Backup

Our traditional infrastructure backup services ensures that your IT infrastructure is recoverable should you suffer any data loss. Enabling you to backup critical Windows Server installations, PCs, Databases and file shares. Additionally, we utilise the official ESS SIMS Backup solution to deliver peace of mind.

Smart Recovery

On-demand recovery of any file, in an instant, whether for testing or DR purposes + No need to wait for hardware to be delivered, Redstor can be set up in minutes, protecting data from day one.

7-Year Data Retention

Included in our Cloud + Infrastructure managed backup services is 7 years of Data Retention as standard, with the capacity to accommodate additional retention requirements.

AI Malware Protection

Our backups include Malware Protection, which automatically scans your existing backup data, isolates, quarantines and flags suspicious files for review. Delivering an additional layer of security.

Secure Off-Site Backups + Compliance

Hosted by RedStor, your backup data will be securely stored across multiple UK Datacentres which are SCO2 + ISO 27001 accredited. Ensuring that your data is resilient against any geolocation nature disasters or hardware faults, giving you the peace of mind that your data is always on hand.

What does the DfE say about backup?

With a wave of targeted cyber-attacks on schools, colleges, and MATs throughout 2021 and 2022, the Department for Education has issued guidance, aligned with that from the NCSC, on how schools can stay protected against ransomware.

It is vital that all education providers urgently review their existing defences and take the necessary steps to protect their networks from cyber-attacks. IT Teams or providers should confirm that:

  • They are backing up the right data
  • The backups are held offline
  • They have tested that they can restore services and recover data from the backups

What does the NCSC say about backup?

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued guidance for organisations on staying protected against cyber-threats such as ransomware, advising how a secure backup can enable recovery.

Amongst suggested layers of protection from the NCSC, and aligned with the requirements of cyber insurance companies, are ‘offline backups’, the ability to scan data to ensure recoveries are clean, and backups which are ‘immutable’ to ensure backups cannot be corrupted or deleted.

Redstor’s ransomware recovery solution enables you to recover all data and systems to a state before the ransomware infection took hold. This negates the effects of ransomware, avoids the need to pay a ransom and allows you to recover from an attack quickly and resiliently.

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