Cloud-based MIS for Schools + MATs

Arbor MIS + Dedicated Support

Introducing schools to the UK’s fastest growing Cloud MIS. Work collaboratively, from multiple platforms + sites, with the reliability of the cloud.


Ease of Access

Arbor MIS is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the web browser, equipping your school with the freedom to utilise a range of devices including desktops, tablets and mobile, enabling seamless integration and choice.

Seamless migration of Existing Data

Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that all your existing data from other MIS solutions will not be left behind.

Reduce your IT Costs

Because Arbor MIS is hosted in the cloud, it eliminates costly IT infrastructure investments, maintenance and delivers high-availability via multiple datacentres, that an in-house solution cannot provide.

Dedicated Support

We offer our signature trusted support for the MIS system, ensuring that you get off to a great start and have the reliable support your school needs.

Data in one place

Arbor's intuitive dashboards allows schools to gather key performance metrics into a clear & concise pages for quick access.

Microsoft 365 for education + Google Classroom integration

Safely synchronise data between Arbor and your digital learning platform, ensuring secure and seamless integration.

Get Started On Your Journey

Effortlessly Transition to Cloud MIS

Step 1:

Contact Us

The first step is easy, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll discuss your school’s requirements and book a personalised demonstration with our colleagues at Arbor.

Step 2:

Work With Arbor Onboarding Team + Spectrum IT Support

Once you have decided to move to Arbor MIS, we’ll introduce Arbor’s onboarding team to assist your school with a smooth transition to the new system. Spectrum IT will support you every step of the way and your staff will have access to Arbor’s library of free digital training resources from the off.

Step 3:

Migrate your Data

With Arbor’s straightforward and reliable migration process, they have successfully transitioned more than 3000 schools to their system. Together with Arbor, we guarantee that your school data will not be left behind, and a comprehensive review will be conducted before your Arbor site becomes operational, ensuring utmost accuracy and security.

Step 4:

Ready to Go!

Once your Arbor Site is operational, Spectrum IT will help you customise the system to fit your school’s requirements. Our experienced team will support your school from day one, helping you get off to a flying start.

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