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Managed IT & Support

Most Support Providers only support your PCs & Servers, we support you. Our experienced Support Technicians & Consultants pride themselves on establishing a good relationship with our clients and inspiring confidence in the delivered service.


Remote Monitoring & Management

As part of our Managed IT & Support service we install our RMM agent on all school servers & computers, to enable remote connectivity for remote support and monitoring of hardware health. The health monitoring enables us to resolve regular faults before they turn into greater problems, for example, our monitoring system will alert us in the event of a Fan failure and we can then take actions against the device to prevent overheating.

Remote Support

All of our support packages include Remote Support for schools, delivering the support your school requires throughout the working week (9x5). Our RMM Agent also enables us to remotely connect to school computers & laptops for remote assistance, as long as the device as a working internet connection. Ensuring that staff that are working remotely are not cut off from IT Support.

We also offer Remote Support only contracts for those wishing to drastically cut their support costs.

Patch Management

We ensure that the latest security vulnerability updates are installed for all supported Operating Systems in the school. Strengthening your IT security and giving you one less thing to worry about.

System Maintenance Tasks

We will run scheduled weekly maintenance tasks to optimise PC Storage & Performance, ensuring that you get the most out of your hardware.

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