Modern Business Apps

Take advantage of Microsoft's latest suite of business tools with Microsoft 365

Access to the latest Business apps

Modern Secure Flexible Cloud Business Applications

Protect your emails

With Microsoft Exchange Online Protection as part of Microsoft 365, you can confidently access your emails with the knowledge that they have been scanned for malicious files and spam-filtered.

Access your documents safely from anywhere

Utilise SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business to securely store and collaborate on company files. No other service seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office.

The Latest Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft 365 Subscriptions include Microsoft Office suites. These receive monthly security & feature updates to ensure you can produce new content quickly and securely.

Did you know?

Phishing email attacks are on the rise

Within the last two years phishing email attacks have increased exponentially , often with successful attempts at intercepting financial payments between organisations and their clients. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 will actively protect you from attack via email.

Cloud Email Hosting

Market leading Cloud hosting with Exchange Online Protection baked-in. Enjoy one of the most secure email systems on the market and leave your hacking anxiety behind

Highly-available services

Microsoft 365 are built upon hundreds of Microsoft owned data centres across the UK. Even in the event of a disaster, your Microsoft 365 services will continue to work across the remaining data centres

Cloud Shared Storage

Experience a shared cloud storage repository via SharePoint Online and have multiple users collaborating on documents via Microsoft Office 365 native-integration

Email Protection & Archiving

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 diligently monitors your incoming emails for malicious activity and prevents phishing attacks & spam. Microsoft 365 also includes email archiving to cost-effectively store historic client data

Apply Professional Workflows To Your Phone System

Take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud based package of their most popular business services from over the past two decades. These include prevalent services such as:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Skype for Business Online (now Microsoft Teams)


These traditional Microsoft business services have been improved via the cloud infrastructure that powers them. These are more reliable than ever before with Microsoft Cloud’s enabling high-availability via thousands of datacentres across the globe and geo-replication to ensure that company/client data will always survive even if there is a localised disaster within the network.

Microsoft 365 incorporates additional features for company’s to take advantage of. With Microsoft now delivering enhanced email security and anti-phishing protection, Endpoint Detection and Response Antivirus services via Microsoft Defender 365, OneDrive for Business based on SharePoint Online technology and more.



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