Cyber Security Essentials

Curated suite of Cyber Security packages, managed by Spectrum IT to deliver essential protection to you

Making Cyber Security accessible to everyone

Why have we curated this package?

At Spectrum, we realised that many businesses that are impacted by cyber-attacks in the UK are small & medium businesses that do not necessarily have the time or expertise to dedicate to researching and implementing cyber-security services into their IT ecosystem.

That is why Spectrum IT Consultancy has invested time in identifying the cyber-security solutions that provide the best value to our clients and packaged this into one managed cyber-security solution. Enabling our clients to benefit from leading cyber-security technologies and significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Did you know?

Cyber crime costs UK businesses an estimated £21billion/year

According to an article published by the UK Government, cyber crime costs the UK £27 billion per year of which it is estimated £21 billion is the cost to businesses.  We offer a suite of products to minimise your organisation’s attack surface and reduce potential risk of a cyber attack on your business.

What's included in our essentials service?

How do we keep you protected?

Endpoint Detection & Response

Our next-generation antivirus protection uses Machine-Learning and AI to deliver enterprise-grade endpoint protection

SaaS Protection

Providing backups for Microsoft 365 & Google Workspaces services. Work emails, cloud storage repositories, calendars, tasks and instant messaging (MS Teams)

Anti-phishing Email protection

Reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks against your business

Breach Analysis & User Awareness Training

Scanning the internet & the dark web for your online credentials and providing your users with the knowledge on what to look out for to identify an online threat

Secure Password Manager

Enforce strong passwords across your online business accounts, greatly reducing the risk of successful brute force attacks online

Annual Security Audit

We will investigate your existing IT security across your devices and services to identify security weaknesses

Not sure what you need?

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