Digital Workspace (DaaS)

Provide a flexible remote working solution without sacrificing your IT security

Work remotely without compromise

Digital Cloud Secure Workspace

Access your digital workspace from anywhere

Your digital workspace is streamed over the internet, enabling you to access your work documents & applications from anywhere with an internet connection

Secure Access

Access your workspace via Microsoft 365's modern authentication service. Using barriers such as MFA and Conditional Access to ensure that only you may access your digital workspace

Extend your IT equipment's lifecycle

Shifting your workload into the Digital Workspaces reduces the amount of resources required for your IT devices. Your IT equipemnt will not have to be refreshed as often to keep up with your use case and when you can afford to downscale the specification of future IT devices.

Did you know?

The Public-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is switching off in 2025.

PSTN is used for existing ADSL & Fibre internet connections & traditional telephone systems. We offer the Next-Generation products to ensure that your business is not impacted. A VoIP telephony system, will ensure that you continue to receive & make calls and our SoGEA offering continues your internet services, minus the line rental.

Compliant Environment

Our Digital Workspaces are consistently updated to ensure Cyber Essentials compliance. We can also adjust our Digital Workspaces to comply with your company's policy and data security requirements.

Flexible Scaling

Only pay for the users you require to use this service. We can scale our available workspaces from departments to organisations

Accessible via Multiple Devices

You may access your Digital Workspace from your phone, tablet or home device. All data is kept within your digital workspace and is securely accessed via encrypted streaming protocols.

Business Continuity

Keep your business running in the event of a disaster. Our Digital Workspaces are hosted in Microsoft Cloud and will continue to be accessible from secondary locations, homes and public locations.

Streaming Secure Workspaces

How your business will benefit from Digital Workspaces

Our Digital Workspaces solution can assist your business in ensuring that your staff are able to access work resources in a secure and compliant IT environment. In a time where workers have transitioned to working flexibly from home and in the office, it can be difficult for staff re-adjust to their IT in the office and at home and it can be a stressful conundrum to manage IT devices remotely and on-premise.

Many businesses have sacrificed their IT security in exchange for enabling their users to work comfortable from home and access everything that they require to conduct their daily activities. Our digital workspaces allow you to deliver a uniform experience to your staff without this sacrifice. We have combined services available from Microsoft and Citrix to deliver a secure digital working environment to remote users and office users alike. Staff no longer need to carry external hard drives or re-synchronise their cloud storage services between the office and their home. With one click and a tap of an approval message they can access their digital workspace from any device and continue where they left off.

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