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Utilising business continuity options and protecting your data has never been so easy

Don't worry, there's a backup

Managed Secure Cloud Compliant Backup

Backup the entirety of your IT Ecosystem

We can backup your IT resources on-premise and in the cloud. Leave nothing to chance, backup your on-premise servers, important devices, SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace and your Cloud environment.

Fully managed backup

No need to stress about how to recover documents or training someone to figure it out. We have got your back, so that you can focus on your business. We will ensure that your backup plan is enforced and will provide your with reports so that you can keep an eye on your progress

Flexible Scaling

As your backup partner we will work closely with you to meet new challenges and to keep all your data safe, no matter how large it grows or how many devices or services are added.

Secure off-site backups

Your backup data will be copied to a secondary location in the South West of the UK. The data centre that will house your backup data is SOC2 and ISO 27001 accredited so that you have the peace of mind in that your data is safe.

Did you know?

Verifying the integrity of your backup data is vital

Our Managed Backup includes automated and scheduled backup tests to verify the integrity of your data. Many teams underestimate the importance of testing restores which may lead to unsuccessful recovery at critical junctures.  With Spectrum IT Consultancy as your Managed Backup provider, all risks of restore failures are mitigated.

Powerful Backup solution for every IT configuration


Backups have always been important to ensure data is not lost.  Backups can be taken directly on end user devices, SaaS services, or on premises or cloud servers.

Backing up end user devices is something the majority of businesses should now avoid doing.  Data should be stored centrally rather than on endpoints to minimise risk.  If an end user device is lost or stolen, any data on that device must be considered lost.  The exception to this is where an end user is unable to access the internet for long periods of time however in 2021 this has become increasingly rare.


SaaS backup for products such as Office 365 and Google Workspace are becoming more and more common.  While many believe that since their data is in the cloud it doesn’t need to be backed up, although Office 365 and Google Workspace do offer some level of retention, it may not meet the minimum requirements that some organisations have.  At the end of the day, backups offer peace of mind.  It is possible you may never need them and knowing you have them allows you focus on more important things.

On-prem server backups are an absolute must.  The single point of failure that on-prem servers bring is something that would keep any IT administrator up at night. On-prem servers, physical or virtual, run on physical hardware on the
business premises. These are not only at risk of cyber attacks and remote
threats but also physical damage, overheating, etc.


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