Cloud VoIP System

Internet based telephone system, for every business (powered by the Cloud)

Stay Connected

Modern Easy Flexible Phone System

Access your work phone from anywhere

Soft-phone clients are available for Smartphones (iOS / Android) and PCs (Windows 10 / macOS). Enabling you to bring your "Desk Phone" with you, when you are on the move.

Advanced Phone System Features

We can implement Out-of-Hours workflows, alerts for voicemails, call queues, group-calling, forwarding and call menus.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Our Phone System is powered by the Cloud. There is no upfront investment as there are no PBX server required to purchase and thus nothing to maintain. You receive your handset, plug it in and you are good to go!

Did you know?

The Public-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is switching off in 2025.

PSTN is used for existing ADSL & Fibre internet connections & traditional telephone systems. We offer the Next-Generation products to ensure that your business is not impacted. A VoIP telephony system, will ensure that you continue to receive & make calls and our SoGEA offering continues your internet services, minus the line rental.

Voicemail to Email

During Out-of-Hours or unable to reach the phone, Voicemails can be sent to your email to access them anywhere.

Flexible Scaling

The Phone System allows you to deploy as many subscriptions as you require, even across multiple sites. All managed from one panel.

Take your Work-phone on the Go

Login to the app on your Smartphone and receive & make calls from your business number on the go.

Stay Connected after 2025

VoIP uses the internet for your phones. Thus enabling you to continue making calls when the PSTN network is turned off.

Apply Professional Workflows To Your Phone System

VoIP Telephony System can do so much more

A VoIP Phone System enables you to apply Professional workflows that are commonly found in Call Centres without the additional hardware or setup costs.

Enable a greater customer experience on the phone, with Call Menus, Queues, Call Forwarding and Out of Hours scheduling. So that your customers are consistently informed of any changes and are efficiently transferred to a member of your team.

We can modify call flows to meet the majority of scenarios, enabling your business to flexibly introduce new phone numbers for campaigns or simply to add/remove menu options as your business develops.

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