PSTN Switch off

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Do you use Fax? Fibre / ADSL Broadband? Landline telephones? PDQ machines?

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Fibre & ADSL Broadband

If you pay for Line rental or this is included within your broadband package, that means that your internet connection relies on the Public-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). When this public network is switched-off you will lose internet connectivity.

Landline Telephones

Telephones that are using analogue means of communciation will be affected by the switch-off. If your phone system uses VoIP (Voice over Internet), you do not need to be concerned.

PDQ Machines

PDQ machines or Card machines orginally used the Public-Switched Telephone Network to complete card transactions, however modern PDQ machines have the option to use both the phone line or the internet line. If you look on your machine and find that the smaller port out of the two is connected, then you will be impacted by the PSTN switch-off.

Fax Service

Unfortunately, for those Fax enthusiasts there is no alternative connectivity option to continue using Fax. If it is important that you maintain Fax as a contact method, you can configure your Fax number for electronic-Fax. This will email incoming Fax documents to your chosen email address.

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