Next Generation Broadband Services

With SoGEA Broadband experience more reliable internet services, without a telephone line.

Stay Connected

Simple Fast Broadband

Ditch the Line Rental

SoGEA Broadband does not require a traditional phone line to be installed, ahead of the 2025 switch-off. Thus enabling you to save on the costs of Line Rental.

Improved Reliability

The Next-Generation SoGEA Broadband services utilise a dedicated network, reducing the instability and interference that Phone Lines can introduce.

Stay Connected

The U.K's PSTN (BT Telephone network) is being switched off in 2025 and many PSTN exchanges are already preparing to reduce services in preparation of the migration. Moving to SoGEA Broadband services ensures your continued connectivity to the internet.

Did you know?

The Public-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is switching off in 2025.

PSTN is used for existing ADSL & Fibre internet connections & traditional telephone systems. We offer the Next-Generation products to ensure that your business is not impacted. A VoIP telephony system, will ensure that you continue to receive & make calls and our SoGEA offering continues your internet services, minus the line rental.

Stay Connected after 2025

VoIP uses the internet for your phones. Thus enabling you to continue making calls when the PSTN network is turned off.

Beat the queues

Ensuring that your SoGEA Broadband and VoIP solution is in-place now, means that you won't have to battle the queues of businesses attempting to meet this requirement in the years preceding the switch-off.

Lower Costs

Save on the cost of Line Rental and with a VoIP system. VoIP calling between other VoIP phones are generally free as this is using your internet data rather than standard telephone networks.

Move to VoIP Phones

Continue receiving & making business calls from a landline number after the PSTN Switch-off with a Cloud VoIP Service.

Ensure that you are not caught out by the PSTN Switch-off in 2025

More about the PSTN Switch-off

As of December 2025, legacy telephone lines (PSTN) will be terminated across the UK and they are no longer available to order.

As a result, a new broadband service has been introduced to continue internet services without the need for a phone line, this next generation product is SoGEA Broadband.

The negative to the PSTN network shutting down in 2025, is that traditional telephone systems will cease to function from this point onwards. It is essential to consider a VoIP solution to continue making and receiving business calls from a landline phone number.

It is important to consider taking action as soon as possible instead of waiting until nearer the 2025 deadline, as the migration of services has already begun and notice is served on more than a hundred phone exchanges across the UK in June 2021.

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